I challenge the pappies to attack the entire team, not just Mahathir

salaries to be cut, malaysia.png

I think Pappies and company in their narrow and silly propaganda, have conveniently targeted only Mahathir, when in actual fact it is a whole team that has changed overnight, and is now changing Malaysia from a one-party state into a true democracy.

The whole team including Chinese DAP Minister Lim Guan Eng, Malay party’s defence Minister Sabu, Indian and Christian AG, and more. Anwar – the ex-political prisoner – is also taking over in 2 years.

I dare and challenge the Pappies to attack the entire team behind Mahathir, now even including the King who has backed Mahathir and supported his decision of AG with strong words of unity.

Please, dun just attack Mahathir.


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