YEAR IN REVIEW: 1,000 Likes for a By-Election in Hougang’s Top 10 Stories for 2012

1. SMRT drivers hold 171-man-strong strike to demand better treatment, the first of its kind in decades

2. Archbishop withdraws letter addressed to Function 8 in support of abolishing the Internal Security Act (ISA), a draconian law that is politically oppressive, after a meeting with DPM Teo Chee Hean

3. Discourse over Town Council management report brings to light contract between all PAP Town Councils and a 2-dollar company, AIM, held by former PAP MPs

4. Michael Palmer of the ruling PAP resigns after his involvement in an extra-marital scandal got exposed, while PM Lee Hsien Loong has since been hesitating on a decision to hold a by-election which is by law, up to his “discretion”

5. High profile sexual gratification-corruption case involving chiefs of CNB and SCDF

6. Kong Hee, head of City Harvest Church, accused of misuse of church funds

7. Yale sets up Singapore campus to criticisms of breach of academic freedom

8. Dr Chee Soon Juan of the Opposition SDP, clears his bankruptcy after Lee Kuan Yew and Goh Chok Tong agreed to accept a settlement with a much lower sum of the exuberant fees owed to the duo for hardly-democratic defamation suits

9. Opposition MP Yaw Shin Leong of the WP gets exposed for extra-marital affairs, leading to by-election at Hougang

10. Serious road accident involving a speeding Ferrari driven by Ma Chi, fueling frustrations and disappointments with the police, the media and angst at the government’s foreigner immigration policy


From: 1,000 Likes for a By-Election in Hougang (


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